Louvered Nassau Door

  • Beautiful Mortise & Tenon Joinery
  • Elegant Styling
  • Solid Hardwood Construction
  • Fully Custom
  • Hand Crafted in USA
  • Factory Direct
  • Expert Customer Support

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Quickly Design your Poplar Louvered Doors

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1 3/8" X 32" X 80" Louver Nassau Door In Poplar. Unfinished)

Premium Quality Poplar Louver Doors

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Quality Louver Doors

Whether for architectural reasons or for airflow, Estate Millworks louver doors are a high quality, solid wood product. We manufacture the actual louvers in three stock sizes varying for louver cabinet doors, louver shutters or full louver doors. In addition to our stock louver sizes, we can custom manufacture in any size or profile. In addition to our solid louver construction, the rails and stiles of all of our products are solid wood and are hand crafted using premium joinery and high quality glue, mortises and tenons. Our louver doors can be ordered in a variety of configurations including louver over panel, louver over louver and with fixed pitch or varying operable pitch louvers.

How to Configure Custom Louver Doors

Our online louver door designer allows you to quickly select your wood species, prime and panting options and sizes. But the ability to customize our louver door does not end there, you can order any one of 3 stock louver sizes in our standard bullnose profile, or other profiles such as buffalo louver, chevron, beveled or S4S, or we can match your own custom louver design. Our online designer also allows you to customize stile widths, rail heights and placements, and especially important for louver doors, the louver sparing and the louver pitch angle. To increase airflow or light you can increase the louver spacing and reduce the louver pitch angle. To increase privacy or to restrict airflow you can order the louvers in fixed close position. If you cant make up your mind about how to configure the pitch for your custom louver door, you can order the louvers with an operable configuration that includes a lift rod for moving the louvers from the fully open to the fully closed position.

How we manufacture our premium quality Louver Doors

All of our louver doors are built with solid frames with deep seated mortise and tenon joinery including functional and decorative doweling at each tenon. The louvers are also set using precision CNC machining of precise louver mortises at your desired spacing and pitch. The louver doors are hand assembled and then machine and hand sanded to showcase the natural grain of the dozen wood species in which we build custom louver doors. You can optionally add operational louvers, privacy panels and prime, paint and clear coat finishes.

Poplar the Poor Man's Cherry

Poplar Wood Grain

Poplar hardwood lacking bold coloration or an exciting grain pattern has a pale olive-yellow brown heartwood and sapwood is lighter off-white or gray with greenish hues and doesn't often get the respect we feel it deserves. The Poplar tree is widespread across all of North America and Europe, and it grows very rapidly and to large sizes, making it very easy to sustain.

Because the wood is often painted or used in secondary applications where it isn’t visible, it is very easy to find wide, clear sections of Poplar for a variety of uses.

Poplar lumber is pretty soft and very easy to work. But botanically speaking it is a hardwood meaning it is a deciduous tree. But it is highly stable, easily available in width and length, and takes paint and stain famously well. However using Poplar as a stain grade species is often overlooked. Some will call Poplar wood "poor man's Cherry" as it oxidizes over time to a much darker shade of brown.

MaterialPoplarPremium FAS Clear GradeRot Resistant, Insect Resistant Premium Exterior Lumber
Joinery3/4" X 3"True Mortise & Tenon,Strongest solid wooden joint
Frame Thickness1 3/8 "Solid WoodRigid Integrity
Stile Width5 "Hand JointedVertical Stability
Base Rail10 "BalanceArchitecturally Correct
Crown Rail5 "BalanceHistorically Accurate
Louvers 1/2 " X 2 1/4 "Solid, BullnoseTraditional Detail
Louver Pitch67.5 DegreesFixed LouversSturdy, Air flow
Louver Spacing1.875 "Variable OptionsCustomizable
FinishMachine Sand 120, Hand Sanded 150Drum,Edge & Palm sandedTop quality hand finish
PackingFoam Wrapped in Custom Built Carton1/8" Foam, 3/16 Trim Sheet 100lbProtection against damage in transit.
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