Combination Lighthouse Shutter

  • Beautiful Mortise & Tenon Joinery
  • Elegant Styling
  • Solid Hardwood Construction
  • Fully Custom
  • Hand Crafted in USA
  • Factory Direct
  • Expert Customer Support

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1 5/16 X 16 X 48 Combination Lighthouse Shutter In Spanish Cedar. Unfinished)

Premium Quality Spanish Cedar Combination Shutters

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Combination Shutters. The best of two styles.

Pick from some of our most popular offerings of combinations shutters that mix louvered and paneld fields. This style is historically authentic, visually rich and can be achieved with either rasied panel or flat panel fields. You can modify the louvers to be operable as well.

Combination Shutters

Quality Joinery

With solid mortise and tenon shutter frames, solid louvers, and panels that are made with the same centuries old joiner techniqe of mortise and tenon, these combination shutters are built to last. The louvers are deep seated into the sold wooden stiles, and are protected from exterior weather conditions. The raised panels float in their frames and are built from the highest quality of lumber that we hand joint, and spline join for maximum stability.

Hand built in the USA

Each of our hand crafted combination shutters is bench built by craftsman who in some cases have been working for generations in this trade. We harvest much of our own timber fromm our own forests, we operate our own kilns and roug mill, and machine all of our lumber in-house. Our exterior shutters can be ordered with factory priming and painting for a professional long lasting finish.

Is Spanish Cedar Really Cedar?

Spanish Cedar Wood Grain

Despite its name, Spanish Cedar is not Spanish nor Cedar but a hardwood. Spanish Cedar comes from the Meliaceae family, and is similar to Genuine Mahogany in its beautiful coloration, attractive grain pattern, and great workability. The grain of Spanish Cedar is usually quite straight and works well with both hand and power tools.

Known for its distinctively strong cedar smell Spanish Cedar is also known as Cigar-box Cedar, the wood’s natural aroma repels insects, and the high resin count makes it very weather and rot resistant. Due to its low density, the lumber is quite lightweight, which makes this wood highly sought after as a high quality exterior grade species.

MaterialSpanishCedarPremium FAS Clear GradeRot Resistant, Insect Resistant Premium Exterior Lumber
Joinery3/4" X 3"True Mortise & Tenon,Strongest solid wooden joint
Frame Thickness1 5/16 "Solid WoodRigid Integrity
Stile Width2 1/2 "Hand JointedVertical Stability
Base Rail4 "BalanceArchitecturally Correct
Crown Rail2 1/2 "BalanceHistorically Accurate
Front Facing Raised Panels.9375 " ThickSpline Jointed, Grain Reversed 2 X the glue surface and strength. In Open positions, Louvers shed water to the house and panel raise faces street in our standard config
Louvers.375 " X 1.75 "Solid, BullnoseTraditional Detail
Louver Pitch-67.5 DegreesFixed LouversSturdy, Air flow
Louver Spacing1.375 "Variable OptionsCustomizable
ApplicationsBuilt to your requirements
FinishMachine Sand 120, Hand Sanded 150Drum,Edge & Palm sandedTop quality hand finish
PackingFoam Wrapped in Custom Built Carton1/8" Foam, 3/16 Trim Sheet 100lbProtection against damage in transit.
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