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Custom Wooden Shutters by Estate Millwork

The best aspect of home-ownership is, undoubtedly, choosing your furnishings to suit your tastes exactly. Estate Millwork, an eco-friendly shutter company, offers endless varieties of custom exterior wooden shutters for your decorating pleasure.

What kinds of custom shutters can I create?

Let's start with the wood and the fit. Estate Millwork offers nine varieties of solid hardwood so you can create the custom wood shuttersof your dreams. All wood used in our custom shutters is top-grade, and is free from mars, marks, or blemishes. We partner with the highest quality timber harvesting companies, who practice ethical and environmentally friendly harvesting techniques.

Every set of custom wooden shutters we sell is precision-measured to fit your windows. Now, measuring is even easier with our Custom Online Design Tools. Well-fitted shutters last longer, work better, and look great. Trust Estate Millwork to create custom shutters that fit your windows exactly.

Picked your materials? Good. Now, it's time to choose designs, finishes, hardware, and more.

Estate Millwork carries 6 shutter classes, and over 40 distinctive styles of custom shutters. What style suits you? It depends upon what look you prefer, and what style of home you have.

Bermuda, or Bahama custom shutters, are top-hinged, louvered pieces. They swing away from the house to open, and provide excellent air circulation, thanks to their slim wooden slats. They complement period architecture and modern homes. We recommend them especially for homes located in storm belts. They're quick to close, and can protect your windows from wind and debris.

Panel custom shutters are among the most versatile styles we offer. Choose from raised panel or recessed panel styles. The shutter panels can support intricate carving or wood inlays, and can suit any style of home in any neighborhood.

Louvered shutters feature thin wooden slats set inside solid wood frames. These shutters offer superior climate control because the louvers encourage air circulation. Louvered shutters look especially handsome on Tudor or Victorian gingerbread homes.

Board-and-batten shutters consist of rough-hewn wood panels accented by sturdy wood crossbars. This type of custom shutter looks great on Old Colonial and Early American homes, and can be tailored to suit many different paint jobs and home decorating styles.

Custom wooden shutters

Wood custom shutters offer great versatility.

Picked your style? Here are some other ways Estate Millwork can create the custom shutters of your dreams:

Radius work: Do you have rounded windows? Radius work enables your shutters to fit in curved places and unique spaces. Add a distinctive touch to your shutters with Estate Millwork radius work.

Shutter horns: Add a set of top-panel or bottom-panel extensions (or, horns) to your shutters, and enjoy enhanced durability and weather protection.

Inlays: Our custom shutters look great with inlays, which are handsome wood carvings set inside grooves or depressions. They suit panel shutter styles best.

Mouldings and bolection mouldings: Spice up your shutters with mouldings, or custom-carved panels attached to the outside edges of shutters. Mouldings suit many different shutter types and can add strength and high style to your shutter sets.

Customize your shutters further

Estate Millwork also offers the following applications for shutters:

  • Thicknesses from 3/4" to 2 1/4"+
  • Custom Sticking Profiles
  • Factory Priming
  • Customizable Rails and Stiles
  • Operable Louvers (for optimal home cooling and ventilation)
  • Faux Lift Rods
  • Mouse Holes
  • Shiplapping
  • Beading

In addition, we can create custom period-specific shutters. If you're an artist, submit your sketches or AutoCAD drawings, and we'll craft your dream shutters. We always love good ideas.

Custom shutters look great with custom hinges

Estate Millwork offers several varieties of sturdy metal hinges, including period reproduction fixture work. Visit our shutter hardware page to view your options.

Estate Millwork custom shutters: Solid wood, perfect fit, endless options.