Flat Panel Jefferson Door

  • Beautiful Mortise & Tenon Joinery
  • Elegant Styling
  • Solid Hardwood Construction
  • Fully Custom
  • Hand Crafted in USA
  • Factory Direct
  • Expert Customer Support

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Quickly Design your Mahogany Flat Panel Doors

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1 3/4" X 32" X 80" Flat Panel Jefferson Door In Mahogany. Unfinished)

Premium Quality Mahogany Flat Panel Doors

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Custom Doors for Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms

Estate Millwork doors are ideal for bathroom and toilet room partitions, privacy panels or water closet doors. Because they are hand made, they carry an air of distinction and tradition and can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Our bathroom doors can be configured with louvers, panels or a combination, and in virtually any species of hardwood.

Custom thicknesses and partition hinging

Our doors can be ordered at a full interior thickness of 1 3/8, or anywhere in the range from 3/4" to 2 1/4". If a classical locker room or club room look is desired, we recommend stained mahogany or cherry, while if the application requires paint grade, our Poplar toilet room doors are an ideal and economical choice. The flat panel designs of our partition doors is only a starting point, we also make louvered doors and can do custom detailing with quirking, appliques or patterned cut outs.

Built to Last

Like all of Estate Millworks custom doors, our bathroom doors are built with true mortise and tenon joinery and precision CNC machined hardwoods. You can use our website to browse through our door designs, and quickly price the perfect toilet room door for your application.

Mahogany, a Hallmark of Fine Work

Mahogany Wood Grain

When Mahogany first became popular in the western world, it was exclusively sourced Central and South America, but as supply began to dwindle due to poor logging practices, manufacturers began to search for alternatives. Today we find Mahogany still as a primary species used in fine furniture making but also so much more. Mahogany is a great exterior wood option as it is much lighter weight than many of its comtemport counterparts. Its stability makes it a great option for windows and doors and the clear quality and easy workability of the species makes for outstanding millwork where find details are needed.

Mahogany is an outstanding wood to work with and has experienced recent popularity as an exterior wood, it is used extensively by window and door manufacturers due to its exceptional moisture and rot resistance. Many cabinet and furniture makers prize the wood not only for its durability, but also for its ease of machining and its deep, rich color. As it was hundreds of years ago Mahogany still remains a hallmark of fine work.

MaterialMahoganyPremium FAS Clear GradeRot Resistant, Insect Resistant Premium Exterior Lumber
Joinery3/4" X 3"True Mortise & Tenon,Strongest solid wooden joint
Frame Thickness1 3/4 "Solid WoodRigid Integrity
Stile Width5 "Hand JointedVertical Stability
Base Rail10 "BalanceArchitecturally Correct
Crown Rail5 "BalanceHistorically Accurate
Flat Panels.75 " ThickSpline Jointed, Grain Reversed 2 X the glue surface and strength
FinishMachine Sand 120, Hand Sanded 150Drum,Edge & Palm sandedTop quality hand finish
PackingFoam Wrapped in Custom Built Carton1/8" Foam, 3/16 Trim Sheet 100lbProtection against damage in transit.
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