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Custom Doors by Estate Millwork

If you want custom doors for your home, look no further than Estate Millwork. Our company provides customers like you with endless choices - including wood types, finishes, accents, and styles - for doors that are tailored to suit your tastes.

Custom front door

Our Custom Doors Feature High Quality Wood Craftsmanship

All Estate Millwork doors start with genuine, top-grade, hardwoods. We partner with sustainable-harvest domestic wood suppliers and importers to deliver eco-friendly doors and other wood products. Door manufacturers require so much of the Earth, and our corporate mission embraces the goal of giving back to the planet that allows us to work at our craft.

Customers can choose from several beautiful, durable hardwoods for their doors, including oak, teak, maple, mahogany, and cherry wood. We select cuts of hardwood that are free from pockmarks, blemishes, or imperfections, and carefully cut and shape the wood to produce unquestionably gorgeous doors.

Each of our doors is assembled using 18th-century mortise-and-tenon joinery. All pieces are precision-cut, so our wood doors hold up without the aid of cheap glue or flimsy dowel-rod connectors. Other features that signify the durability of our doors include double-tongued and feather-tenoned base rails, precision-cut louvers, and expertly finished solid wood frames.

Custom Doors Can Be Created to Suit You

Estate Millwork is proud to introduce our Custom Online Design Tools, which enable customers to tailor their doors to their hearts' content. Use these tools to determine how high, wide, and deep your doors should be. Our expert-fitted doors provide a great return on your investment. Doors that fit your home perfectly last longer while providing better weather protection and air circulation control.

The online design tools include another drop-down menu that allows you to select from several handsome, classic door styles. Customize your doors further by selecting wood types, finishes, and other add-ons like weather stripping, jambs and stops, beading, and privacy panels.

If you've got a vivid imagination, our craftsmen can create the doors you desire. Simply submit your sketches or AutoCAD drawings to our company headquarters, and our door designers will work with you to create your perfect doors. Doors that are cut and stained to suit your home's decor and architecture look great, and can add true value when it's time for you to sell.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike our competitors, we insist upon only the finest genuine wood in every set of doors we make. Real wood provides superior insulation, while cheap particle board filler and veneer simply can't compete. Our heavy, sturdy doors promote excellent insulation and air flow in your home. Often, our customers find that installing a set of Estate Millwork doors can help them lower their heating and cooling bills.

Our doors are also environmentally friendly because they last and last. While the competition's flimsy doors warp, crack, fade, and end up in landfills, our genuine wood creations withstand the test of time. Solid hardwood is exceptionally hardy and can withstand decades of sun, wind, foot traffic, or scuffing. You'll be keeping your doors for a long time.

Custom Wood Doors

We can build custom doors to your specifications.

Learn more about our custom doors

To learn more about our wooden doors, get in touch with an Estate Millwork customer service representative. Fill out this form or call our toll-free service line at 1.866.322.0040. We want to help you create the gorgeous, all-wood, eco-friendly doors you deserve.