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Antebellum Asheville

Proper manners and an equal balance make this one of our most popular belles.

Western Red CedarPoplarSpanish CedarMahogany
1 5/16" x 12" x 46"

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Painting Exterior Shutters

Explore the Estate Millwork collection of exterior shutters. Custom Exterior Shutters

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Whether you have ordered unpainted exterior shutters, currently own exterior shutters with sun-faded paint, or just want to change the color of your wooden shutters and trim, a few simple tips can help you get the longest life out of your paint job — and enjoy a more polished look for your home.

First, make sure you are up to the job
Wood shutters, especially ones with movable louvers, can be difficult to paint. If you decide not to go forward with painting your own shutters, make sure that whomever you hire has experience with wooden shutters. If you are not scared off by this caveat, then here are some simple tips to help you get started:

Painting exterior shutters is much easier if they are removed from the house
Ensure that you label each shutter component after removing it from your house. Wood shutters are custom-built to suit specific windows, and it's important to ensure that each shutter is placed back on the window from which it was removed. Labeling now prevents problems later.

Remove hardware from your exterior shutters
This is a good time to check for worn hardware. Make sure you keep track of all the screws, too. We know from experience how easy it is to lose one, adding time, expense, and frustration to the job.

Exterior Shutters

Several coats of quality outdoor paint make your exterior shutters look dapper.


Clean your wooden shutters thoroughly
Exterior shutters, especially wooden shutters, can accumulate dust and dirt over the years. Making sure your shutters are clean will provide a better surface for your paint primer to adhere to.

Sand your shutters
A slightly rough wood surface will provide the best hold for your primer, and make your paint job last longer. There are some combined cleaner/chemical sander products on the market that will clean and sand in one fell swoop, saving you time.

Prime your exterior shutters
To make sure your top coat of paint has a pleasing surface appearance, we recommend a good primer. When applying the primer and paint we recommend using a spray can. When using a brush, it is easy to paint over the gaps between the movable louvers, leaving you with fixed-louver shutters instead! It is also easier to get a even coat with a spray system or can.

Finally! Painting your exterior shutters
Make sure you have given you primer coat time to dry. The same recommendation — to use spray paint rather then trying to paint your exterior shutters by hand — still applies during the painting step. There are many surfaces on wooden shutters (edges of louvers and stiles, slats, etc.) that can be difficult to paint evenly with a brush. Use multiple thin coats, keep the sprayer nozzle moving at all times when applying paint, and change the angle of the louvers often to coat them evenly with paint.

Final tips: Remember to always work in a well-ventilated, well-lit area. Hanging your wood shutters from a support can make the job easier and give you easy access to all sides and angles. You might finish the job faster, too.

Following the above-mentioned steps will ensure an even, professional-looking paint job for your exterior wood shutters. Besides improving the appearance of your shutters, proper painting will help protect wood shutters from the elements.

Estate Millwork offers exterior shutters that are ready to paint — but even the best paint job fades over time, and the color you chose a few years ago may not match the exciting new color you are painting your house. A good paint job will last ten years — and Estate Millwork wood shutters will last a lot longer if they're well cared for.

Any questions? Call 1.866.322.0040 — our expert customer service representatives are glad to help.

To learn more about painting wooden exterior shutters, call or e-mail our customer service team today.