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Cote Basque Board & Batten Shutter
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Estate Millwork Cote Basque Board & Batten Shutter In Spanish Cedar. Unfinished). 1 3/4 X 16 X 48

Quickly Design your Cherry Board & Batten Shutters

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Cote Basque Board & Batten Shutter

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Batten Cherry Shutters Shutters - Exterior Shutters Provide Classic Accent

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Keep Cool in Harbor Island with Bahama Shutters

Harbor Island, in the Bahamas, is probably the most romantic spot on the entirety of the planet Earth. That is saying something. With pink beaches of soft coral sand, warm climate, and beautiful sunsets, this is the place to be if you want to make a moment special. Head into Dunmore town after a charming stroll on the beach to enjoy some incredible seafood while you admire the Georgian architecture all around you. The soft colors and white picket fences of those charming buildings will certainly catch your eye as you drink in the relaxed rhythm of life in the Bahamas. But one thing you will certainly notice on those romantic buildings are the shutters that frame the windows so well, and with such color. Those shutters would be the most romantic shutters of all, the genuine wood Exterior Louvered Shutter.

Dunmore was founded in the late 18th Century, and the Louvered Shutter was quite the innovation in those times. With adjustable louvers that you could open or close as you wished, you could let in light and air as you wished into your home. And with those louvers tilted downward, you could keep the rain out too. This was the original way to control the temperature of your home. And, with those adjustable louvers, you could discreetly view the outside world if you wanted to, checking to see if someone special was on the way.

Wooden Shutters to Fit Your Needs

Here at Estate Millwork, we can build the exact wooden exterior shutters you need to decorate your home and give it just the atmosphere you want. If you want operating louvered shutters, we can make them for you to the exact measurements you need. Or if you just want your louvers to be decorative, we can do that too. In fact, we can make any kind of wooden exterior shutter you want, as we are woodworking experts who take our genuine wood shutters seriously.

Everything we make is custom made. Everything! If you need custom mouldings, shutter horns, tailor made stiles and rails, custom louvers made wider or narrower, mouse holes, or decorative faux lift rods, we can do it for you. Just give us the exact measurements of the shutters you need, and we can make the perfect exterior wood shutters for your windows.

If you want something besides Louvered shutters, we can help you there as well. Paneled shutters, Arched shutters, Bahama/Bermuda shutters, Board and Batten shutters, and Combination shutters that combine Panels and Louvers are all options we offer. This is especially useful if you are restoring a historic home, or just want to decorate your home in Dunmore Town with a little bit of flair.

And our shutters are built with quality in mind. We use mortise and tenon joinery to build the strongest shutters we can. No staples! Mortise and tenon joinery cleverly uses wooden pegs, hand pressed and glued in place, to make our shutters historically accurate and very durable indeed. This is the older, traditional way to make a shutter, and we think it is the best way. But we also use the latest precision equipment to make the components of our shutters more accurately and quickly. This keeps waste to an absolute minimum, and gives us a superior edge in quality and speed. But we never forget the basics. Every board we use is hand selected, to make sure it is up to the job of making your shutters the best they can be.

And did I mention we work in Wood? We do, and woodworking is all we use for our shutters. No vinyl or pressed sawdust, ever! Choose from Oak, Cypress, Maple, or Cherry for quality exterior wood shutters. We also are experienced working in exotic woods like Mahogany and Teak. If it is made out of Wood, and it is on a Shutter, we can make it for you.

And when the wind blows into Harbor Island, you will be glad you have genuine wood shutters on your windows.

Custom Crafted All-Wood Shutters

Starting with top grades of rough hardwood stock, we hand-select each board. That is the only way you get durable and distinctive exterior shutters for your home. You work with the best! We keep waste to a bare minimum, improve quality, and provide our customers with durable, solid exterior shutters that outlast cheap vinyl or low-grade veneer exterior shutters. We also work with cypress, mahogany, and teak, distinguishing us from the competition.

Shutters Customized To Suit Your Tastes

We are always proud to make the best possible custom wood shutters for your home. Estate Millwork uses a combination of modern ingenuity and timeless craftsmanship. Our shutters feature:

  • Genuine hardwood, kiln-dried to 6% moisture content for exterior shutter strength and longevity;
  • Precision-machined mortise-and-tenon construction, hand-clamped and glued for the highest strength join possible;
  • Fully customizable wooden design, including adjustable louvers, custom radius tops, cutouts, and historic wood shutter reconstruction;
  • Many historic styles to choose from, including louvered shutters, raised panel shutters, board-and-batten shutters, flat shutters, plantation shutters, Bermuda shutters, and an easy-to-use custom exterior shutter design tool;
  • Peace of mind that comes from quality craftsmanship by an environmentally conscious, green company that puts sustainability first in all of its operations.

Whether it's a new house, renovation, home improvement, or historic reconstruction, our exterior shutters are the right choice for your home project.

Any questions? Call 412.641.0177 – our expert customer service representatives are glad to help.

To order shutters for your home, call or e-mail our customer service team today.

Custom Wooden Exterior Shutters

Elegant Designs

We offer a stunning selection of well-made board and batten shutters that can be custom built to the exact dimensions for your windows. These beautiful, wooden shutters are appropriate on Mediterranean, Country French, and Santa Fe style homes among others. Our sturdy battens are machined with a decorative cove, and fastened to the stylish V-grooved boards to make elegant, symmetrical accents for your windows.

The Best Materials

We offer a stunning selection of well-made board and batten shutters that can be custom built to the exact dimensions for your windows. These beautiful, wooden shutters are appropriate on Mediterranean, Country French, and Santa Fe style homes among others. Our sturdy battens are machined with a decorative cove, and fastened to the stylish V-grooved boards to make elegant, symmetrical accents for your windows.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

We offer a stunning selection of well-made board and batten shutters that can be custom built to the exact dimensions for your windows. These beautiful, wooden shutters are appropriate on Mediterranean, Country French, and Santa Fe style homes among others. Our sturdy battens are machined with a decorative cove, and fastened to the stylish V-grooved boards to make elegant, symmetrical accents for your windows.

Solid Wood Mortise and Tenons

Premium deep pocket mortise and tenon joinery

True Tenons

Our premium quality shutters are carefully constructed using a time consuming and precise operation. Whereas other lower quality shutters are made using screws, nails, dowels or biscuit joints, each of our exterior wooden shutters has a minimum of 4 hardwood tenons. The end of each rail is painstakingly machined to have a 1/2" X 1 7/8" tenon by a custom built tenoning machine that Estate Millwork developed so that we could continue to provide the best quality joinery in the industry, at an attractive price. We gave up the cost, but not the quality.

Deep Pocket Mortises

Each stile is precision machined with a minimum of two deep pocket mortises, and these mortises perfectly fit the associated tenon. Again, Estate Millwork has used precision automation to preserve the quality of our products, while reducing the cost. We have software that connects our website directly to the machines in the plant, and when a customer places an order with us, all of the precision programs for machining the mortises into the stiles are sent to the plant for automatic execution. The mortise tenon joint, is the strongest joint in millwork, and adds tremendous strength, even without the use of glue.

Hardwood Dowels

Once the tenon and mortise have been machined, the parts are put together and a hole is drilled through the mortise and the tenon. A slightly oversized hardwood dowel is driven into the hole, locking the tenon into the mortise for the life of the shutter. Even though glue is not required, Estate Millwork takes the added step of gluing the tenon into the mortise, and gluing the hardwood dowel into the stile.

Hand Assembly

In our commitment to preserving the best of quality millwork traditions in each wood shutter, we have automated much of the drudgery of some of the operations, but assembling a shutter is still something very much in the realm of craftsmanship. After all the parts of each wooden shutter are manufactured, one of our skilled craftsmen fits them together in a specialized jig for dry fitting and final assembly. We do not use pneumatic or hydraulic clamps as they can damage or over-stress the wood. The craftsman uses his innate feel for the materials to set the appropriate clamping pressure prior to drilling and doweling. Each wooden shutter receives the individual attention of craftsmen all along the way, but the final assembly is where the shutter comes together the first time, ready for years of service on your home.

Shutter Options

Thickness, Width, Height

The "slab dimensions" are the size of the actual exterior shutter from top to bottom, left to right, and the thickness. Our default standard thickness is 1 5/16", but that can be varied from 7/8" to 2 1/4" to match existing exterior shutters. The length and height can be specified to the nearest 1/16" inch. Depending upon the style of the shutter, we have made widths up to 20 feet wide, and heights up 30 feet.

Shutter Frame Dimensions

Because all of our exterior wooden shutters are custom built from true rail and stile construction, we have the ability to replicate any component dimension on existing shutters, including rail height, placement, width, thickness, and stile width and thickness. Typically, the bottom rail of our custom shutters is 4. high, and all other rails are 2 1/2" inches. Stile widths are usually 2 1/2" but we have the ability to make them of virtually any width, including different widths for left and right stiles -- sometimes used for pairs of shutters.

Custom Sticking

Out standard products are S4S, or square shoulder sticking, but we have the capability to mould any feasible profile to the inner or outer frame fields. Common choices are ogee, cove and bead, bevel, cove etc. In addition to our stock sticking profiles, we can also custom grind tooling to achieve any desired profile to either match historical wood shutters, or to meet an architects or home owner.s specifications and preferences.

Shiplapping and Beading

For operable shutters, or for decoration, our wood shutters can be machined with a bead on one face of the inside edge of the shutter, and with a ship lap on the other, allowing the shutters to overlap by 3/8" when they are in the closed position - permitting a tighter fit. The left and right shutters are machined as pairs so that in the closed position, each face of the pair has a decorative bead visible.

Panel Profiles

Our raised panel shutters can be raised with our standard scoop profile, but we offer bevels, coves, ogeees and other profiles as well. Additionally, for the extremely discriminating home owner or architect we can create new tooling to match existing historical panel profiles, or to meet with a unique custom requirement.

Louver Styles

Our louvered shutters can be fitted with either our standard bullnose louvers in 3 sizes, or with a chevron or bevel profile as options. And because we are a custom shutter maker, we can also accommodate any special profiles that are specified by the customer.

Cut Outs

Raised Panel and Flat Panel Shutters can have a limitless variety of decorative cut outs machined into the center of the panels. Common shapes are moons, anchors, trees, hearts and we have a large number of stock cut outs which we offer, as well as the ability to match custom patterns that are provided by the customer


Estate Millwork can ship our custom wooden shutters in natural, primed, painted or stained finishes. We can match national brand color numbers, pre-tint primers for light or dark finishes, and apply hand rubbed stain finished, even to the time consuming louvered shutters.

Cherry a Rich and Beautiful Hardwood

Cherry Wood Grain

The Appalachian region of the United States produces beautiful Cherry wood, it is a domestic hardwood lumber is known for its beautiful, rich color and good working properties. Cherry is chosen for its fine uniform texture, has straight grain and is reddish-brown in color with the occasional appearance of gum spots. The heartwood is particularly durable and has good resistance to decay. The warm tones and subtle grain pattern of Cherry wood make it an excellent interior wood for doors, windows, mouldings, and, especially, furniture. The predictable movement of properly dried Cherry lumber and the ease with which it can be worked have made the species a staple material in many projects.

Many people love Cherry wood for its color, but rough sawn Cherry lumber is a much lighter pink than what most expect. Today, many Cherry finishes are much deeper browns and reds, and this can cause some confusion, but over time with UV exposure and oxidation, the color to deepens into a beautiful brownish-red. Some people choose to expose their Cherry lumber to the sun to speed up this process, while others rely upon dye and/or stains to achieve the deep red color. This "break in" period is something of which everyone should be aware, especially when doing restoration work to match existing trim or furniture.

Handcrafted with Sustainably Harvested Lumber

At Estate Millwork we air dry much of our lumber, and after air drying we finish drying in low wattage dehumidification kilns.

Every piece of wood we purchase is used to the fullest on products, at Estate Millwork we have a very high yield ratio of 94 percent due to the use of automated saws and optimizing software. The remainimg 6 percent which is mostly sawdust and chips are either burned to heat our plant or send to local cattle farmers for bedding and composting.

Nothing is wasted. Some of Appalachian lumber we use comes from Amish farmers in our county who harvest with horses instead of mechanized equipment, and do our rough sawing on 1920s sawmills that are also extremely low input compared to larger commercial sawmills of today. All of our imported lumber is plantation grown, and not harvested from natural forests.

To learn more about our sustainability practices click here

JoineryDowel PlugHiddenUnobtrusive Quality
Board Size 7/8 " X 4 "V-GroovedTraditonal Elegance
Batten Size 7/8 " X 4 Cove DetailStrength
ApplicationsBuilt to your requirements
FinishMachine Sand 120, Hand Sanded 150Drum,Edge & Palm sandedTop quality hand finish
PackingFoam Wrapped in Custom Built Carton1/8" Foam, 3/16 Trim Sheet 100lbProtection against damage in transit.
Board & Batten Shutters Picture