A Double Entry Door or a Single Entry Door? That is the Question

Published: August 04, 2021

Large inviting double wooden front doors

When it comes to normal there isn’t anything more normal than a single entry door while they can be simple and quite basic they are a useful and necessary part of your home. While single front doors can be simple and cost effective they can also be extravagant and pricey, it all depends on your tastes and the look you are going for. Homeowners that have the space and are looking for that extra pop in their entry way may opt for the double front door, double front doors can make your home feel more inviting, provide a larger opening for moving larger items in and out of your home and they will also likely boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Double Entry Door vs Single Entry Doors

The single entry door is very common and can be considered in many circumstances as construction grade that was usually installed when the home was built. While these doors are the most cost effective option they can become lost and underwhelming for homes with a wider font entranceway.

Double entry doors on the other hand offer exceptional curb appeal to one’s home. These double entry doors are very likely the first thing those passing by will see and the first thing prospective buyers will be drawn to. Double front doors create a focal point when looking at the exterior of your home and they accentuates all of the other architectural features of your home.

Benefits of Double Entry Doors

  • Double entry doors permit homeowners to implement distinct architectural styles that would not be possible with single entry doors.
  • A glass panel style permits that much more light to enter your living space.
  • Double entry doors are the perfect addition to homes with wide interior access walkways.
  • They create a larger access point for entertaining or moving large furnishings.
  • You can recreate a particular architectural style such as Dutch Colonial.
  • They will complement homes with spacious interior access halls.


Both single and double front doors offer many different aesthetic options, both door setups. Whether you are talking about overall door design when it comes to the paneling, number of lites, or style, both types of doors can also be setup with side lites to allow more light into your entryway and home.

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