Premium Teak Shutters Catalog

Teak shutters epitomize luxury and durability, elevating the exterior of any home with their unmatched beauty and resilience. Crafted from the exquisite teak wood, these shutters boast a rich golden-brown hue and a distinctive grain pattern that exudes warmth and sophistication. Their smooth, lustrous surface adds a touch of opulence to any architectural style, enhancing the curb appeal of the entire property. Beyond their striking appearance, teak shutters are revered for their exceptional durability and natural resistance to rot, decay, and insect infestation, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use in various climates. Whether adorning the windows of a coastal retreat or accentuating the facade of a modern villa, teak shutters blend seamlessly with their surroundings, adding a sense of timeless elegance and luxury that captivates the eye and enhances the beauty of any home.

Premium Quality Exterior Shutters

Estate Millwork's premium Exterior Shutters are craft made using premium exterior hardwoods like Spanish Cedar, Cypress, Mahogany or Teak. The joinery is optimized for exterior weather conditions that outdoor shutters are exposed to. We use full mortise and tenon joints, premium exterior glue and precision machining and hand assembly to get the best possible weather tight seals, and pleasing finishes.

Custom Styles

Depending upon your home's style and architectural scheme, our custom shutters for exterior applications can be ordered as raised or flat panel, louvered, board and batten, bahama / bermuda or combination field shutters. We will manufacture quickly, to your exact sizes, and our web designer tool is a great place to explore the different custom options for exterior shutters.

Exterior Shutter Finishes -- Prime, Paint, Stain

We supply our exterior shutters either unfinished, stained, primed with exterior grade oil based stain blocking primer, or painted with premium exterior finishes. You can pick from our stock selection of exterior colors, or we can color match our finish to any national brand. Our quality exterior finishing process includes hand sanding prior to priming, a thick coat of primer that we scuff, a base coat of finish paint, a scuff sand to prepare the exterior shutter for the final, second top coat. Each shutter is custom wrapped and shipped to your door, ready for installation.

Mounting Hardware for Your Exterior Shutters

To mount your quality Estate Millwork exterior shutters, we have a fine line of exterior shutter hardware. Depending upon whether your shutters are decorative or operational, we have the hardware to mount and showcase these architectural gems to brickwork, stone or wood framing. Most of our exterior shutter hardware is stainless steel with a weather proven powder coat finish.

Increase your Homes Value with Exterior Shutters

The exterior of a house is the first part of a home that everybody sees. By adding custom exterior shutters to your windows, the entire appearance and character of your home becomes more alluring. In addition to the additional charm and detail shutters provide the house, the can be accented with colors that compliment the windows, other exterior millwork including doors and fascia. Our shutters are historically accurate, manufactured using premium materials, state of the art technology, and hand craftsmanship and will give many years of enhanced enjoyment and visual appeal to your home.