Premium Spanish Cedar Doors Catalog

Spanish cedar doors epitomize luxury and sophistication, showcasing the exquisite beauty and distinctive characteristics of this revered hardwood. Sourced from the majestic Spanish cedar tree, these doors boast a rich, reddish-brown hue with a captivating grain pattern that exudes warmth and elegance. Known for its natural resistance to rot, decay, and insect infestation, Spanish cedar doors are highly durable and ideal for exterior applications, providing both security and enduring beauty. Beyond their exceptional resilience, Spanish cedar doors emit a subtle, pleasing aroma that adds a touch of ambiance to any space. Whether adorning the entrance to a grand estate or enhancing the interior of a luxurious home, Spanish cedar doors stand as a symbol of craftsmanship and refinement, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any environment with their timeless allure and unparalleled quality.

When it comes time to replace your front door why look further than a solid wooden door from Estate Millwork. There are plenty of benefits in choosing a solid wooden door over inferior materials such as fiberglass or uPVC, such as style, insulation properties and overall maintenance. Wooden front doors make a statement to those coming to your home, they can be painted or stained any color you choose, are available in a variety of different wood species and styles. Whether you are looking to add other design elements such as glass panels or metal work wooden doors can be customized to fit your needs. Wooden doors are a true statement piece, whether it is the solid feel, the added warmth and security, or the overall texture of the door.

Wooden doors have a very high R-value giving them superior insulation to chanages in temperature while also reducing noise from another room. Other benefits of wooden doors are they are resistant to rust, very durable meaning they will last a long time when well maintained.

Why Choose a Wooden Door?

Doors both interior and exterior come in many different materials metal, fiberglass, uPVC, engineered wood, and solid wood. Solid wooden doors are suitable for both interior and exterior use, and are strong, durable and secure all while offering a high end feel. Need help choosing the wooden door right for you contact us at or use our state of the are door designer.