Premium Materials

Estate Millwork uses the highest grades of premium hardwoods to manufacture our louvered doors and wooden shutters. We buy selectively from quality vendors and import premium exotic woods from all of the world including Africa, Asia and South America. Our domestic hardwoods are often grown in the forests that surround our plant in the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania, and we have long standing relationships with the premier timbering outfits in this part of the country that give us preferred access to their best stocks of material. Many of the employees in our plant started out in timbering and kiln operations, so they have a deep knowledge of, and connection to forests and hard wood processing.

Our premium grade wood shutters and doors are manufactured from Spanish Cedar, a hardwood that is dimensionally stable and has lots of natural resistance to moisture, decay, fungus and insects. Our hardwood doors and cabinetry are built from the finest grades and species of mahogany, cherry, maple, oak and walnut. We perform all of the rough milling and machining in house, so we control the quality and dimensional accuracy as well.

In addition to starting with the best quality material, we manage much of the processing directly in our plant so that the materials that have been purchased are used in the best possible way for the job. We do not fingerjoint, overlay or veneer our products -- everything we do is solid wood. Our employees are trained in selecting the exact right board for a job, in terms of grade, color and dimensional yield. This, in combination with our software, allows us to offer premium grade, solid wood doors, entry ways and exterior shutters at the lowest possible price. We minimize waste, off cuts, rippings through careful planning, software, and experts in the milling department. Whatever we can not use, we either donate to local farmers for use with their livestock and tillage, or we burn to heat our plant. We waste nothing, and as a result, our pricing is often lower than companies using inferior materials.