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Premium Poplar Lumber Boards - 1" X 4" X 48" - 1 Pack - Kiln Dried And Sanded - Perfect For All Projects
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Premium Poplar Lumber Boards - 1" X 4" X 48" - 1 Pack - Kiln Dried And Sanded - Perfect For All Projects
1 Material
2 Thickness   "
3 Width   "
4 Length   "

Dimensional Lumber

  • Made in USA
  • F A S Grade Hardwood Poplar Lumber
  • Kiln Dried to 8% Moisture Content
  • Straight Edges, S4 S
  • Machine Sanded with 150 grit
  • Perfect for Professionals and Hobbyists
  • Available in many Sizes and Species

$ 48.49 Each. As Configured

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Premium Quality Western Red Cedar Dimensional Lumber

CAD Drawing of Dimensional Lumber

What it Western Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar Wood Grain

Although not a true Cedar, Western Red Cedar shares many of the same properties and has therefore been given the cedar name, it is actually from the Cypress family, and is often spelled "Redcedar". Western Red Cedar has a wide growth range along the west coast of the US and Canada, but scarcity has been a concern due to the ever growing demand for this outstanding exterior species. Through greater awareness and more responsible forestry practices, the supply is becoming much more balanced, the replanting rates are 5 to 1, which means that we will have more Red Cedar in 50 years than we have ever had before.

Western Red Cedar lumber is naturally rot resistant due to high levels of extractives which act as a natural fungicide, the tree has a very straight bole and high branches, which result in very few knots and a dead straight grain. The beauty of Red Cedar lumber is in the strength imparted from its long, straight grain combined with its low density, which makes it very light.

GradeFAS ClearTop quality
Moisture Content8%Kiln Dried. Max Stability.
Milling OptionsR1E, S2S, S4S, Mould, SandWe offer full range of milling services
FinishMachine SurfacedKnife Finish
DimensionsDimensionsal SizesStock Sizes
ShippingCommon Carrier or ParcelDependent upon size of order
PackingBanded Bunks, Custom Cardboard PacksDependent upon size of order
Dimensional Lumber Picture