Premium Grade Maple Lumber Boards -
1" X 4" X 48"


Premium Grade Maple Lumber Boards -
1" X 4" X 48"

  • Made in USA
  • F A S Grade Hardwood Maple Lumber
  • Kiln Dried to 8% Moisture Content
  • Straight Edges, S4 S
  • Machine Sanded with 150 grit
  • Perfect for Professionals and Hobbyists
  • Available in many Sizes and Species

$70.53 Each.

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Premium Grade Dimensional Maple Lumber

When it comes to sourcing the finest hardwood lumber for your woodworking or construction projects, look no further than our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber. We understand that the quality of your materials can make all the difference, which is why we offer an exceptional selection of premium hardwood lumber.

Our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber is meticulously sourced and graded to meet the highest industry standards. Each board is carefully inspected to ensure it possesses the ideal combination of straight grain, minimal knots, and consistent color, guaranteeing top-notch performance and aesthetics for your projects.

Whether you're crafting bespoke furniture, molding, or cabinetry, our premium hardwood lumber provides the perfect foundation. It's not just about quality; it's about elevating your creations to a level of excellence that stands the test of time.

Our extensive range of hardwood species allows you to choose the ideal wood for your specific needs, whether it's the rich warmth of cherry, the classic beauty of oak, or the unique character of walnut. With our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber, you have the flexibility to turn your visions into reality.

Experience the difference that premium quality makes. Trust in our hardwood lumber to enhance the beauty, durability, and overall value of your projects. Explore our inventory today and unlock the potential of premium hardwood for your woodworking endeavors.

Whether you're working on furniture, cabinets or anyother project you can dream up, Estate Millwork has the lumber you need. Our premium dimensional lumber is FAS grade hardwood lumber that is kiln dried to 8% moisture content, and machine sanded with 150 grit. Each board is cut to size when ordered, widths range from 1-inches to 12-inches and lengths up to 120-inches.

Maple: A Premier Hardwood Choice

Maple Wood Grain

Distributed widely across North America, maple stands as one of the continent's most prevalent hardwood species, flourishing in diverse climates and landscapes. Renowned for its exceptional hardness among domestic woods, maple finds extensive use in cabinetry and flooring applications, its light blond hue offering a versatile complement to any interior decor scheme.

Featuring a fine-pored structure and tight grain, maple wood exhibits a distinctive beauty, with its nearly white sapwood prized as highly as its heartwood. While its density and hardness can pose challenges to cutting edges, maple retains a sharp, crisp edge ideal for intricate moldings. Additionally, its inherent stability renders it an excellent choice for flooring installations, ensuring enduring quality and performance.

Despite its tight grain, maple's surface is less receptive to deep penetration by stains, dyes, or wax. As such, surface film finishes like varnish and lacquer are preferred to enhance its natural beauty and protect against wear and tear.

At the heart of our selection lies premium maple hardwood sourced from the finest timber, ensuring unparalleled consistency in color and grain. Recognized for its durability and exquisite grain patterns, maple hardwood embodies a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Its remarkable versatility allows for a myriad of finishing options, from subtle natural hues to bold, rich tones, enabling you to tailor your designs to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, maple hardwood boasts exceptional resilience and resistance to wear, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas where durability is paramount. Invest in maple hardwood today and experience the enduring elegance and performance that only maple can provide, ensuring lasting beauty and value for your projects.

GradeFAS ClearTop quality
Moisture Content8%Kiln Dried. Max Stability.
Milling OptionsR1E, S2S, S4S, Mould, SandWe offer full range of milling services
FinishMachine SurfacedKnife Finish
DimensionsDimensionsal SizesStock Sizes
ShippingCommon Carrier or ParcelDependent upon size of order
PackingBanded Bunks, Custom Cardboard PacksDependent upon size of order
1DimensionalProPack10.UnLabeled 1" X 4" X 48" Maple
Dimensional Lumber Picture