Premium Grade Cherry Lumber Boards -
1 " X 4 " X 48 "


Premium Grade Cherry Lumber Boards -
1 " X 4 " X 48 "

  • Made in USA
  • F A S Grade Hardwood Cherry Lumber
  • Kiln Dried to 8% Moisture Content
  • Straight Edges, S4 S
  • Machine Sanded with 150 grit
  • Perfect for Professionals and Hobbyists
  • Available in many different sizes and species

$50.57 Each.

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Premium Grade Dimensional Cherry Lumber

When it comes to sourcing the absolute finest hardwood lumber for your woodworking or construction projects, delve into the unparalleled quality of our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber. We recognize that the choice of materials can fundamentally shape the outcome of your creations, and thus, we present an extraordinary array of premium hardwood lumber options meticulously curated to exceed your expectations.

Our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber is not merely selected; it is meticulously sourced and graded to surpass even the most stringent industry benchmarks. Each individual board undergoes a thorough examination, ensuring it possesses the optimal attributes of straight grain, minimal knots, and consistent coloration. This meticulous process guarantees not only superior performance but also an aesthetic allure that elevates your projects to unparalleled heights of refinement.

Whether you're fashioning bespoke furniture, intricate moldings, or exquisite cabinetry, our premium hardwood lumber serves as the quintessential foundation for your creative endeavors. It transcends mere quality; it embodies a commitment to excellence that endures through the ages.

Dive into our expansive selection of hardwood species, each offering its own distinct allure and characteristics. Whether you're drawn to the sumptuous warmth of cherry, the timeless elegance of oak, or the incomparable richness of walnut, our Premium Grade Dimensional Hardwood Lumber grants you the freedom to realize your visions with precision and grace.

Experience firsthand the transformative power of premium quality. Entrust your projects to the unparalleled beauty, durability, and intrinsic value of our hardwood lumber. Embark on a journey of discovery as you peruse our extensive inventory, and unlock the boundless potential that premium hardwood affords for your woodworking ventures.

From crafting bespoke furniture to fashioning intricate cabinets and beyond, Estate Millwork stands ready to supply you with the finest lumber available. Our premium dimensional lumber epitomizes the pinnacle of quality, boasting FAS grade hardwood meticulously kiln-dried to an optimal 8% moisture content. Each board undergoes precision machining, sanded to perfection with a 150-grit finish. Customize your order with widths ranging from a delicate 1-inch to a generous 12-inches and lengths extending up to an impressive 120-inches, ensuring that every aspect of your project is met with precision and care.

Exploring Species: Choosing the Right Hardwood Lumber for Your Project

Exploring species is a crucial step in the process of choosing the right hardwood lumber for your project. Each species of hardwood offers distinct characteristics in terms of color, grain pattern, density, and durability, which can significantly impact the outcome of your creation. Whether you're crafting furniture, flooring, cabinetry, or decorative pieces, understanding the unique qualities of different hardwood species is essential. For instance, oak provides strength and durability, while cherry offers rich, reddish tones and a smooth finish. Maple boasts a light, uniform grain suitable for modern designs, while walnut delivers deep, luxurious hues ideal for adding warmth and sophistication to any project. By delving into the nuances of hardwood species, you can ensure that your chosen lumber aligns perfectly with your vision, resulting in a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

Cherry: A Luxurious Hardwood with Timeless Beauty

Cherry Wood Grain

Hailing from the pristine Appalachian region of the United States, Cherry wood stands as a quintessential domestic hardwood renowned for its exquisite beauty and exceptional working properties. Characterized by its luscious, rich color and fine, uniform texture, Cherry wood boasts a striking reddish-brown hue, occasionally punctuated by charming gum spots. The heartwood of Cherry is notably robust, exhibiting commendable resistance to decay, making it a favored choice for a myriad of interior applications including doors, windows, moldings, and, particularly, furniture.

While Cherry's initial appearance may surprise some, with rough sawn lumber presenting a lighter pink hue, its true beauty unfolds over time. Through exposure to UV rays and natural oxidation, Cherry wood matures into a sumptuous brownish-red, epitomizing its inherent allure. Some enthusiasts hasten this transformative process by subjecting their Cherry lumber to sunlight, while others opt for dyes or stains to achieve desired hues. This "breaking in" period is crucial to consider, especially in restoration endeavors aiming to match existing trim or furniture.

Cherry hardwood remains a timeless and opulent choice for woodworking and interior design ventures, cherished for its unparalleled beauty and versatility. Our meticulously sourced Cherry hardwood is expertly crafted to uphold uncompromising quality standards. Infused with rich, reddish-brown tones and distinctive grain patterns, Cherry wood exudes a warmth and sophistication that transcends trends. Whether crafting bespoke cabinetry, refined furniture pieces, or resplendent flooring, Cherry hardwood imparts a touch of elegance that endures through generations. Not merely a feast for the eyes, Cherry hardwood is celebrated for its enduring strength and durability, ensuring a legacy of enduring beauty for years to come.

GradeFAS ClearTop quality
Moisture Content8%Kiln Dried. Max Stability.
Milling OptionsR1E, S2S, S4S, Mould, SandWe offer full range of milling services
FinishMachine SurfacedKnife Finish
DimensionsDimensionsal SizesStock Sizes
ShippingCommon Carrier or ParcelDependent upon size of order
PackingBanded Bunks, Custom Cardboard PacksDependent upon size of order
1DimensionalProPack10 1 " X 4 " X 48 " Cherry
1DimensionalProPack10.UnLabeled 1 " X 4 " X 48 " Cherry
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