Wooden Front Doors and Why You Should Have One

Published: October 30, 2020

Elegant Wooden Front Door

So you’ve finally decided to replace your old outdated front door that you’ve never liked and clashes with your overall décor choices. When looking at options you will likely be looking for something that is eye catching and enhances the curb appeal of your home, wooden front doors check both of these off.

When comparing front doors you’ll come across cheaper options such as fiberglass and steel, while these materials can require less maintenance they can dent, are susceptible to rust and can’t be easily repaired. Wooden doors however are great at resisting wear, can be fully customized to your needs.

What Wood is best for Front Doors?

When looking for a solid wooden front door, you’ll want to select a wood species that will be able to withstand the elements; wood species such as Mahogany, Oak, Knotty Alder and Cedar are all great options when it comes to exterior doors. These species are naturally better at withstanding the elements than some lesser woods like pine. These woods also finish very nicely giving you the often sought after pop on the front of your home.

Energy Efficient and Secure

With proper installation wooden doors are great insulators of both sound and other exterior elements. Unlike metal which transfers temperature swings wood exhibits low thermal conductivity giving it a high heat-insulating capacity, allowing it to keep the outside weather out and your home comfortable.

Required Maintenance

Depending on exposure to the elements and finish, you may need to repaint or apply varnish every so many years to help prolong the life and beauty of your door. These same issues can arise in metal doors where constant sun rays will fade the paint and if the door is constantly exposed to water it can start to rust.

Selling Feature

Solid wood doors are widely considered a great selling feature in the current housing market by real estate agents. With the average home price being around half a million dollars you want to preserve that investment with a custom made wooden door to increase the value of your home. After all luxury items like wooden front doors are something you only purchase one time.

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