Why You Should Have French Patio Doors in Your Home

Published: November 14, 2022

When it comes to patio doors, there are two main styles. One is called a traditional wooden door with glass panes on the top portion of the door. The other is what people commonly refer to as French doors, where there are two doors hung side by side and both open to create a grand opening.

The key difference between the two types of doors is functionality. With a traditional door, you only have so much space to work with when it is fully open. Whereas when you have a grand patio entrance with beautiful wooden French doors both will typically open giving you more access to your exterior space.

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French Accents

Stylish French patio doors with wooden framed glass or glazed panels are one of the most popular types of door. These doors create an elegant, sophisticated look that is very fashionable. They can be closed either in a full frame style, a half-frame where only part of the panel is opened or both doors fully open.

A less expensive option to consider is using plastic lined glass instead of wood. This will not have the same appeal as normal wooden doors. However, it is important to know what kind of materials these windows use before buying them. Some brands use painted foam insulation which may cause moisture to seep in and damage your home. Make sure to research the product first!

A few years ago, some manufacturers started introducing fake wood onto the doors to save money. Although it looks authentic, this material does not last and will need to be replaced soon. At Estate Millwork we use only the best hardwoods when constructing our doors.

French Doors are Practical

Having an outside entrance is great, but not every house has enough space for a large set of doors. Or you may want to keep some parts of your home private, such as your bedroom or office. In these cases, a smaller set of patio doors can be more suitable!

There are many types of French patio doors and they all do their job well. These doors typically consist of insulated glass panels inset into wooden frames that close and lock into place, making them similar to regular doors.

Like regular doors French doors need to be closed properly to prevent heat loss or gain, and people have different ideas about what this means. Some leave one side open to move away from the enclosed area while still having access to fresh air, whereas others close both sides fully.

It depends on how much privacy and intimacy you desire in your home, as well as personal preferences.

French Doors are Elegant

Before the era of plastic, glass was an expensive material that only the rich could afford. It is not too difficult to tell just how popular it has become by the explosion in design styles using this material.

Modern day designers use plastics to create everything from furniture to home decorations to water features! Even our swimming pools are now filled with lids or panes of clear glass so you can see your feet underwater.

This trend clearly shows how much people love glazed materials. They strive for seamless beauty and practical function.

With that in mind, let's talk about one of the most beautiful pieces of furnishing available – the French door.

They are typically made out of wood or iron and have sliding doors that open up into another room or outside. This feature allows for easy access to what lies beyond while also creating a nice, enclosed space within.

These doors are very fashionable and unique looking. There are even designer versions which imitate fine art painting techniques. But why should we care? What benefits do they offer us as users?

Well, let's dive in! Read on to learn more about them and find out if these pretty windows are worth adding to your home.

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French Doors are a Luxury

Although they may seem like a nice-to-have feature, many people begin to wonder if they are really necessary when their own home already has an entryway or a sliding glass door.

With all of the technological advances we have today, including automatic shutters that cover your windows and smart homes that monitor and control everything for you, there is no need to have a separate entrance anymore.

A second doorway or window can be just as effective in letting members of the public enter your space, while also giving you more natural light and fresh air.

Some homeowners even feel that having a closed door between yourself and the outside world gives them a feeling of being separated from the rest of the world. Although this separation can breed anxiety or worry about what will happen next.

By replacing this wall with an opening, it lessens these effects – you are not completely cut off from the surrounding area, and you still have some privacy. It also allows for easier access to your back patio and helps prevent any unwanted visitors from entering into your home.

French Doors are Practical

Having many different openings is one of the greatest things you can have in your home. They give space for moving around, looking outside, or just taking a break.

Having glass panes as door panels gives an even greater view than solid wooden ones. This is great if you like to spend time outdoors and enjoy watching nature grow!

Whatever kind of door you choose, make sure it is winterized properly before putting it in use during cold weather. This will prevent dangerous leaks and frost buildup that could cause damage to the surrounding area.

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