Timeless Elegance of Beadboard Cabinet Doors

Published: June 28, 2021

Beautiful Green Beadboard Cabinets and Drawer Fronts

Beadboard is a traditional style of paneling that this constructed of evenly spaced interlocking wooden planks. The elegance of the detailing in beadboard panels can instantly add an antique country feel to any room. Historically these panels were installed along the walls of rooms to provide more insulation to a home. Now homeowners use these panels as decorative features on walls, ceilings and cabinets. Beadboard is not a cookie cutter affair; there are numerous variations of panel widths and heights and surface applications.

Beadboard in the Kitchen

When it comes to beadboard cabinet doors you will more often than not find them in cottage-style homes – but that is far from the only place they work. While beadboard was traditionally used to decorate walls back before plaster and paint became the thing to do. Much like distressed cabinets, beadboard can make folks feel nostalgic for a simpler time, which is why this style is commonly used in cabins, cottages and farmhouse style kitchens.

Traditionally beadboard is installed vertically but some homeowners have opted to install it horizontally for more of a shiplap look. Which brings us to our four newest styles of beadboard cabinet doors; Austin, Boca, Dallas and Manhattan styles; with each differing from the others. The Austin and Boca styles both have thinner boards in the center panel with the Austin cabinet door having a center dividing rail and the Boca door not having one. While the Dallas and Manhattan beadboard cabinet doors have wider boards in the center panel and either one or two dividing rails.

Austin Beadboard Cabinet Doors


Boca Beadboard Cabinet Doors


Dallas Beadboard Cabinet Doors


Manhattan Beadboard Cabinet Doors


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