Replacing Your Current Cabinet Doors

Published: October 13, 2022

Pick a Color for Your Cabinets

Even if you're not updating other areas of your kitchen, choosing a color for your cabinet doors is important.

Color can dramatically change the feel of a room. If you want your fridge to be the focal point in your kitchen, make it the colored part of the refrigerator.

Cabinet colors should also match the rest of the kitchen design about melding into the area. A good rule of thumb is that the door has to match the wall inside plus one additional foot in every direction.

Plus, studies show that working space is very important so making sure your cabinetry is big enough will help keep people more satisfied at work.

Ask yourself, "Why Do I Want New Cabinet Doors?"

There are several reasons people replace their wooden kitchen cupboard doors:

They want to make their cupboard look different than what they had before.

Some people choose to go for a more modern style; others prefer a classic style.

Replacing your cabinets is a nice way to give them an update without going totally new.

If you're not happy with the way your cabinets look, but don't feel like replacing them entirely, this can be a very helpful upgrade.

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Pick a Project Plan

When replacing wooden cabinet doors, you have lots of decisions to make.

You can choose between placing shelves inside your cabinets or leaving them plain. You can also install drawers if you want.

I've been helping family members for years with their clutter problem by teaching people what we call "the organizing buffer zone." It's the place in our homes where things are put when they aren't being used immediately. Less important items remain outside our immediate use so that we don't accidentally keep using something we need or want. Your household has many different things, each one requiring its own set of tools.

The more places you can find for these things, the better off you'll be. And the simpler it is to organize your life, the better you'll feel about everything. So how do you start?

Well, first thing's first - remove all the cabinet handles and drawer locks. Then take out the trash and the recycling box, and make any other noticeable changes you think necessary. If there's stuff lurking behind those tall kitchen counters, heave a sigh and get it; you won't even notice it's gone once it's packed up and stored away.

Next, decide what you no longer need needs to be kept here (all recipes, for instance, could probably be moved into a folder on your computer

Ordering Your New Cabinet Doors

There are several benefits to replacing your own kitchen door with custom cabinet doors. First, you will save money by paying for only what you need. Second, it is easy to install yourself if you buy a quality product. Third, you can find unique door designs that no store would offer.

Fourth, you can match the style of your room or cooking area in the way the doors look. Fifth, you can choose between multiple styles of cabinet doors so that you do not feel like you are being forced into a particular look.

Many people prefer the look and feel of engineered wooden cabinetry over solid oak. More budget minded folks may opt for the reverse comparison.

These are just some of the reasons why people take the time to replace their existing kitchen door when they go shopping for a new home.

At Estate Millwork we offer state of the art designers that allow you to customize your new wooden cabinet doors from start to finish.

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Do the Installation Yourself

There are many details that may surprise you about installing cabinet doors. If you're not especially skilled with handling wood, you might consider hiring a professional door installer to handle it for you.

This will save you time and keep you from making an expensive mistake of choosing the wrong type or color of wooden cabinet door.

However, there are advantages to having someone else do the work for you. A specialist can assess your existing cabinets and give you helpful advice including which ones are fit for replacement and what price they should cost.

He or she could also install special features like drawers or towel bars in your kitchen such as perforated tiles. This saves you both money and space.

Ask a Friend or Family Member to Help You

This is not something that should be done lightly. Anyone can say that they would love to do it, but if no one else steps up and helps then you may end up doing it yourself. Maybe you are already considering this option and trying to gather materials for now.

Another way to do this is by asking someone who has experience remodeling to assist you. They could either be an old coworker, relative, or even a neighbor. Someone who's been in your situation may have things they had to deal with and resources that helped them out.

It also doesn't hurt to ask other friends or relatives whether they know of anyone who can help. No one wants their home destroyed forever, so if you are looking at possibilities then try to find people who might be able to help you.

Possibly finding a decent contractor is another way to go. They will give you quality work and assistance as well as material.

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