Louvered Doors for a More Comfortable Enjoyable Summer

Published: March 25, 2022

When it comes to finding a great look for your home that is both appealing and functional, you can’t ignore interior louvered doors. Historically used in bi-fold applications in places like closets or to hide your furnace, louver doors are beginning to be used in other home applications. Whether you are looking for a door to accent your home's decor or a door that will help improve air movement in your home, wooden louvered doors will not disappoint.

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Superior Air Flow

Due to their design interior wooden louvered doors provide excellent air flow between the rooms or areas they are sectioning off. The great thing about louver doors is that because of the louvers, warm and cool air can freely flow between rooms when the door is closed. For spaces like closets this is nice so your clothes aren’t surrounded by stale air, and when used as bedroom doors the louvers can bring comfort and cost savings as the cool and warm air can easily pass through the door. With this improved air flow brings better ventilation. Do you have a damp room like a mud room or a finished basement, wood louvered doors can cut down on the moisture by allowing air to flow freely through the space.

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