Enhance your Home with Wood Shutters

Published: July 01, 2022

Throughout the country exterior wood shutters enhance the beauty and performance of both traditional and modern homes. Adding shutters instantly adds depth, texture, and contrast of color to the visual landscape. With the addition of hinges and hardware, our premium wood shutters can swing open or closed to help control sunlight, regulate airflow and manage privacy within your home.

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Spanish Cedar Wood Shutters

The most commonly used and recognizable wood species used in exterior construction is Cedar. Spanish Cedar ranges from a light brown to a pinkish/red brown and is an aromatic species with a condensed grain containing few knots and is naturally resistant to both rot and insects. At Estate Millwork we use what is referred to as Spanish Cedar, while this is not a true cedar it still maintains the same properties as typical cedar woods.

Cypress Wood Shutters

While cedar shutters are probably the most common among homeowners, there are many homeowners choosing cypress shutters today.Cypress has been used for exterior applications in the southern United States for many years. Like cedar cypress has similar protective qualities against bugs and decay.

Mahogany Wood Shutters

The compact warm reddish-brown grain of Genuine Mahogany creates a strong, sturdy and moisture resistant exterior wood shutter. For hundreds of years Mahogany has been viewed as a hallmark of fine woodwork and more recently has become popular as an exterior wood choice. Sapele Mahogany is denser and nearly twice as hard than Genuine Mahogany and not all of the Mahogany labeled species behave as well and they vary dramatically in density, color, and stability. However, the comparison to Mahogany as an outstanding exterior grade wood that has rich reddish-brown heartwood holds true. Sapele is most often used as a window and door material because it is so stable and almost completely rot and weather resistant. The grain and pore structure is tighter than Genuine Mahogany making Sapele a great option for painting. Sapele Mahogany is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to African Mahogany like hardwoods. Most shutters manufacturers use Sapele (Mahogany) we at Estate Millwork offer both options.

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