Choosing the Best Exterior Shutter Color

Published: August 13, 2021

Black louvered shutters on a gray country house

When you are considering adding wood shutters to your home or replacing existing shutters, one of the most important decisions to be made is what color your finished shutters will be. Every color will create a different look and feel to the exterior of your home. Choosing your shutter color or accent color is probably the most important choice when it comes to making your home pop and stand out from the other homes around you.

What color is most popular?

When it comes to painting exterior shutters the most popular color is black. Black shutters are stately, universally appealing and fit with almost any home exterior. Having black shutters on your home will add definition, elegance and make your windows appear larger.

Other Color Options

Probably the second most popular shutter color behind black is white exterior shutters, with their timelessness and broad array of complementary colors; white shutters in particular will make windows appear larger.

Gray Shutters

Modern yet classic, gray wood shutters can be installed on a wide variety of homes. Gray exterior shutters have a distinct updated feel without being overly trendy; these shutters play nicely with loads of colors from lighter neutrals to the darker colors of brick and stone.

Blue Shutters

Blue exterior shutters are charming and serene, and much like blue jeans these shutters can pair with almost anything. Lighter blues look great along with dark grays and shades of white.

Earth Tone Shutters

Clean and earthy, natural wood or shades of olive and tan are very versatile. Similar to white shutters the lighter colors have the ability to make their respective windows appear larger without the stark contrast of white. Earth tone shutters pair well with other earth tones like deep greens, shades of brown and olive colors.

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