Achieve that Rustic Look with Custom Wooden Shutters

Published: March 10, 2022

When we talk about decorating a home people usually think of decorating the interior of their home, however the exterior of your home is what your neighbors and those passing by will see and the first impression visitors may have of you. Rustic exterior shutters can add flair and historical elegance to the exterior of your home.

While often a functional tool for your windows shutters offer great visual appeal to your home that shouldn’t be overlooked. When it comes to rustic shutters they work best for farmhouse and Mediterranean style homes. Some of the more popular types for these homes are louvered shutters and board and batten shutters.

Louvered Shutters

One of the most popular shutters are louvered shutters, as we’ve said many times this shutter type provides both protection from the outside elements while allowing air to flow freely through the louvers. Louvered shutters look good on lots of different home styles from colonial to ranch and contemporary style homes.

Board & Batten

Board and Batten shutters are your typical rustic shutter, these shutters are a simple design and were easy to assemble from materials leftover from building the home. The board & batten shutter is constructed with two or more vertical boards held together by two or three shorter horizontal boards.

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