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Wooden Teak Doors

Looking for a fresh twist for a tired home? Select one of Estate Millwork.s teak wood door styles, or design your own custom teak door or entryway. Our reputation for genuine wood craftsmanship and our Earth-friendly business habits mean that our doors and other custom teak products are unsurpassed.


Two reasons why teak wood doors are tops:

Teak wood doors last: Natural teak wood is durable, weathers well, and is especially resistant to termites and splitting. No matter which shape or style you choose for your custom teak wood doors, sure to enjoy our creations for years to come.

Teak wood doors are good-looking: Indoor teak custom doors will retain the rich golden color of freshly harvested teak wood. Teak exterior custom entryways will take on a smart, silver-golden tone. Preserve your wooden doors with teak oil for an extra-rich finish.


Custom teak wood doors from Estate Millwork: Earth-friendly strength

Estate Millwork values conservation and green engineering. Therefore, we only do business with teak importers who use green harvesting techniques. We also practice energy-conservation techniques every day at our door manufacturing plant, and enforce teak wood reuse and recycling practices.

Part of our mission to reduce waste involves using only the best genuine teak wood in all of our custom doors and custom entryways. We would be cheating our customers if we sold anything inferior, like particle-board panels or faux-wood synthetics. If doors aren.t durable, relegated to landfills. By contrast, our custom teak wood doors will grace your home for years to come.


custom teak doors

We use genuine teak wood, with no artificial fillers, in all of our custom teak doors and entryways.

Inside or outside, our teak wood doors endure

  • Exterior teak wood doors:

    Teak wood is a top choice for exterior doors located in termite- or rough-weather-prone areas. Teak.s natural strength and density and its high level of workability mean that a variety of long-lasting custom entryway styles and sizes are completely possible.

  • Interior teak wood doors:

    Teak custom doors should be built to withstand outdoor and indoor conditions. Kids, pets, houseguests, and foot traffic can all contribute to a door.s aging. Fortunately, our custom teak interior wooden doors are crafted entirely of genuine teak wood, so they might just outlast your house.


Choose from many smart styles of custom teak wood doors and entryways:

  • True divided light teak doors:

    .True divided light. is a fancy term for custom doors that feature many small glass panes set inside muntins (grilles). Each custom teak wood door or custom entryway is crafted with the care commonly attributed to the Estate Millwork name. To enjoy a beautiful display of light, consider our true light custom teak wood doors.

  • Mission .style teak wood doors:

    Mission-style custom teak doors are most commonly seen in mid-20th century architecture. This pleasing style, which consists of varying sizes of horizontal wooden slats nestled inside a solid teak frame, is highly customizable, and suitably fulfills your interior door or custom entryway requirements.

  • Louvered custom teak doors:

    Louvered teak custom doors and custom entryways foster excellent air flow between rooms, or between the inside and outside of your home. We guarantee that each louvered custom teak door is made from real wood, using top-quality craftsmanship.

  • Flat panel and raised panel teak doors:

    Estate Millwork flat panel teak doors and raised panel teak doors are completely customizable, and all are constructed from 100 percent real teak wood. Some popular styles of panel doors include the Early American Jefferson flat-panel door and the Georgian Bolton Abbey door.

Your new teak custom door or custom entryway is a phone call away. Get in touch with one of Estate Millwork.s door experts, and add a new dimension to your home.