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Teak Cabinet Doors by Estate Millwork

Choose from over two dozen styles of wood cabinet doors. Teak Cabinet Doors

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The verdict is in: customers want value. Estate Millwork is proud to offer our customers the finest teak wood cabinet doors on the market. Our plant is staffed by cabinetry experts who understand how to handle raw teak wood and shape it into strong, solid, keepsake-quality cabinet doors. Our vision of quality does not include shortcuts, either . only real teak wood is permitted in all Estate Millwork cabinet doors.

Estate Millwork.s door manufacturing process adheres to other important standards. Cost efficiency and eco-consciousness are among our top priorities. We only partner with teak wood dealers that practice sustainable harvesting techniques. also big on recycling. If teak wood scraps don.t fit into your custom cabinet doors, we.ll reuse them in shutter detailing or in other wood projects. During the winter, our plant workers will burn the teak scraps for fuel. Since the Estate Millwork team is mindful of energy and resource consumption, we waste less. Good news for you . able to offer the highest quality teak cabinet doors at reasonable prices.


Why choose teak wood cabinet doors?

Teak wood lasts for decades: Teak wood is a high-end, imported hardwood that is pest and termite-resistant. It.s a great choice for cabinet doors because it is quite resistant to water damage, as well. It.s no surprise that teak wood is so desirable for deck-building and boat-making, as well as various styles of cabinetry and furniture. Older cuts of teak are typically sturdiest; however, younger cuts of teak wood can be kiln-dried to create wood cabinet doors that age handsomely.

Teak wood makes attractive cabinet doors: Depending upon how they are treated and stained, teak wood cabinet doors can take on a variety of colors. Natural teak wood is often honey-blonde in color. Some species have reddish tones. Teak cabinet doors composed of naturally aged wood often turn a pleasing silvery-gold color. This wood type can also be stained with rich red or brown varnishes, which enhance our quarter-sawn or crotch-grain cuts nicely.


Teak Cabinet Doors

Choice cuts of top-grade teak wood are used in each set of Estate Millwork wood cabinet doors.

Custom teak cabinet doors: pick your style

Estate Millwork teak wood cabinet doors can accommodate a wide variety of customization options. We offer 25 different styles of cabinet doors, various carving and trim options, and several types of cabinet door hardware from which to choose. Teak cabinet doors, when carefully measured and stained, complement bedrooms, master baths, dens, studies, recreation rooms, and kitchens or kitchenettes. Because Estate Millwork insists upon careful, handcrafted construction, the cabinet doors we offer our customers are heirloom-quality keepsakes.

Options for custom teak cabinet doors are endless. We can do mouldings, teak inlays, beveling work, or custom radius work. Some customers opt for special cuts of teak wood, including the wavy grained quarter-sawn cut; the marble-pattern crotch grain cut, and the wonderfully symmetrical book-matching cut.

Each set of teak cabinet doors we sell is assembled with mortise-and-tenon joinery. This precision-cut, peg-and-hole assembly method dates back to ancient Chinese civilizations, and is one of the most durable methods of furniture-making available today. Unlike competitors, we use no dowel rods or cheap adhesives in our cabinet doors. We also insist upon pure teak wood in our doors . nothing less. Veneer or particle board cabinet doors can.t stand the test of time like our cabinetry can.


Estate Millwork carries three teak cabinet door collections:

  • Louvered teak cabinet doors:

    Our louvered cabinet doors make up the Sonoma Line. Estate Millwork offers eight distinctive styles of louvered doors, and each option is fully customizable. Celebrate the birth of a newborn, or crown your new custom kitchen with these handsome teak cabinet doors.

  • Raised panel teak cabinet doors:

    Estate Millwork.s raised panel cabinet door collection, known as the Tuxedo Park line, includes eight panel arrangements. The raised panel cabinet door style is very customizable, and supports moulding and inlays well. Custom-cut teak wood selections can make these cabinet doors extra-special, too.

  • Flat panel teak cabinet doors:

    Like the Sonoma line, the Philadelphia line of flat panel cabinet doors can be customized countless ways. Accent the recessed center panels with beveling or custom moulding work, or opt for special stains or wood cuts to highlight the beauty of natural teak. Each set of Estate Millwork flat panel cabinet doors is created from high-grade teak wood and assembled using quality mortise-and-tenon joinery.

Estate Millwork offers 25 styles of teak wood cabinet doors and many customization choices. Order teak cabinet doors online, or call our customer service representatives today.