Factory Painting

After the interior or exterior louvered door has been primed, the final step prior to installation is to apply finish paint to the door. Estate Millwork applies two finish coats to the doors, with a light scuff sand in between coats for maximum adherence. Customers who elect to forego the special equipment and work required to get a good finish on a louvered door can use this information to paint the doors themselves/

Any Color, Any Finish

Because Estate Millwork is a totally custom louvered door manufacturer, of course you can pick any color and sheen that you desire for your louvered door. We use Sherwin Williams products, and all you need to do is provide us with a paint number and we do the rest. For either interior louvered doors, or exterior louvered doors, we use a high quality oil based primer and two coats of premium latex paint.

Two Coats

After the louvered doors have been primed and allowed to dry, they are lightly scuff sanded and mounted into our proprietary jig that has been designed to give the operator easy access to the difficult to paint louver fields. The louvered door slab is blown off with compressed air, and then using professional spray equipment in a well lighted and ventilated booth (that eliminates overspray while spraying the difficult areas), our crafstmen apply the first finish coat to the first face of the door. The latex paint is allowed to fully cure, and then the operation is repeated on the other face of the door. Once the paint has fully cured, a quick scuff sand is given to both faces and the process is repeated. The door is then wrapped in protective foam, and packed for shipment to the job site.

Custom Louvered Door Paint Colors

You can use the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer to help select colors for your elegant louver doors.