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Poplar Raised Bed Garden Kit - 42" X 84" X 8" Bed - Perfect For Flowers, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, And More
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Poplar Raised Bed Garden Kit - 42" X 84" X 8" Bed - Perfect For Flowers, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, And More
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Raised Bed Kit Garden Beds

  • 100% Made in USA with real solid and sustainably harvested Poplar
  • Precision machined for easy assembly with sturdy dovetail connections
  • Raised Garden Bed Kit makes gardening easy and enjoyable for all ages
  • Untreated & Organic
  • Value Material
  • Customer may treat or paint to extend life
  • Variety of wood species, designs and sizes available
  • Easy and practical for gardens, patios, decks, greenhouses, roofs, and more

$ 145.31 Each. As Configured

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Premium Teak Outdoor Raised Garden Beds

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Multiple Wooden Raised Garden Beds

Fully Custom Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds help you to garden easier, giving you more control over the soil while being less of a strain on your back. Estate Millwork raised garden beds come in your choice of size and material to perfectly fit your patio or yard. Our raised beds come in several configurations conventional raised bed, L shaped raised bed, free standing, raised bed with trellis, tiered bed, and U shaped bed. Raised garden beds are perfect for vegetable gardens or show casing annual or perennial flowers.

Easy to Assemble Dovetail Joints

The Benefits of Raised Beds

Easy for Beginners

Since raised beds require no more than a box, some soil, the plants you wish to grow, and some water these are almost fail safe for those just getting started with gardening.

Can be Temporary

Because the raised beds are not permanent fixtures they can be moved to somewhere else in your landscape or to a completely new house or apartment. Giving you more control over your garden.

Can Plant Earlier in Season

Having the soil raised allows it to warm faster giving you the opportunity to plant earlier in the season and have a longer growing season.

Better Weed Control

Since a raised bed is above the existing soil it creates a barrier between your garden and the landscape around it, and also allows for the use of a weed barrier and weed free soil which allows less opportunity for weeds and other pesky foliage like crab grass to enter your garden

Better Drainage

Because the soil is raised and less compacted there is better water drainage in raised beds. A well prepared bed allows for better drainage than an in ground bed which can enable users to grow crops they may not have been able to.

Aesthetically Better Looking

Raised beds create a barrier that not only keeps out weeds but look neat and tidy. If you are a creative person can can spruce up the bed and give incredible curb appeal to your yard and home.

Easier on your Back

One of the bestt things in having a raised bed you aren't bending over as much to tend to your plants thus creating less strain on your back, they also allow for easier access to each plant to water, inspect and pick the produce.

Tilling not Required

Raised Bed gardeners can just add new compost, manures, and other soil additives to the top layer and allow the worms and plants to do all the work.

Overall Better Soil

Raised Beds allow the ability to choose the best soil for your particular plants. When planting directly in the ground, you have no choice but to start with the existing soil, which may not be the best for your garden. However when working with a raised garden bed you can start with the soil that will work best for your garden.

Our Raised Beds are Easy to Assemble

Estate Millwork manufactures premium quality raised bed planters from a wide variety of materials including our value priced Poplar to several Cedar materials and even long lasting AZEK PVC. Regardless of the material, we have developed a precision furniture-grade dovetail mechanism that allows for easy Slip-Together assembly without tools, and a tight fitting quality joint that is visually appealing and has been in use for centuries by fine furniture makers and millworkers. This is just one feature of our made in the USA products that distinguishes our quality from cheaper imports, and because of the innovation and automation in our millwork plant, allows us to provide a premium quality feature like this at a very attractive price point.

Teak the Beautiful and Prized Golden Brown Hardwood

Teak Wood Grain

Teak wood is known for its lovely golden brown color, although when freshly machined, it can sometimes have a variable pattern. Over time, and with exposure to sun and air, the streaks mellow into the signature golden brown appearance for which Teak is so prized.

Because Teak grows in a sandy soil it has a very high naturally occurring silica content, and this silica impregnates the fibers of the wood making it nearly waterproof. As well as making the wood naturally water resistant the wood’s natural oils double as natural insect repellents. Once milled, Teak holds its shape extremely well, and that stability makes it such an attractive wood for yacht builders, as well as for other builders whose materials must perform under harsh conditions and within tight tolerances.

This resin and oil content that makes Teak wood such an outstanding exterior wood is what can also cause the dramatic color variance we see when the wood is freshly planed and cut. Greys, greens, oranges and harsh streaks will show up immediately and that prized honey brown color is gone, while this can alarming but it is important to realize that this will fade with time.

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Item Weight26 pounds
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NamePoplar Raised Bed Garden Kit by Estate Millwork - 42" X 84" X 8" Bed - Perfect for Flowers, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, and More
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