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Poplar Drayton Garden Planter - 24" X 24" X (8-2*0
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4 Material
Estate Millwork Poplar Drayton Garden Planter - 24" X 24" X (8-2*0
1 PlanterWidth  "
2 PlanterLength  "
3 PlanterDepth  "
4 Material

Drayton Garden Planters

  • 100% Made in USA with real solid and sustainably harvested Poplar
  • Precision machined for easy assembly with sturdy dovetail connections
  • Raised Garden Planter Kit makes gardening easy and enjoyable for all ages
  • Untreated & Organic
  • Value Material
  • Customer may treat or paint to extend life
  • Variety of wood species, designs and sizes available
  • Easy and practical for gardens, patios, decks, greenhouses, roofs, and more

$ 153.32 Each. As Configured

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Premium Spanish Cedar Exterior Wooden Garden Planters

CAD Drawing of Planters Garden

Dramatic  Spanish Cedar Garden Planters

Fully Custom Garden Planters

Whether you're creating a green balcony oasis or trying to liven up an outdoor space wooden garden planters from Estate Millwork can be customized to fit your needs. Our planters come in several different styles and wood species.

The Many Benefits of Garden Planters

Planters Make your Garden Bigger

Planters are great for expanding your gardening space. Planters can go anywhere, on a sidewalk, stairs, a deck.

Add Vertical Space to your Garden

Planters sit above the ground and allow you to create cascading focal points throughout your garden.

Controlling the Soil your Plants Grow in

The soil you already hae in your garden may not be the greatest but when you use a planter you have complete control over the soil used which can give you excellent growing conditions

Takes Advantage of Sunny Spots in your Garden

You may only have a few sunny spots around your house, planters allow you to plant in these areas things like beautiful flowers, foliage, or even vegetables that you may have otherwise been unable to grow.

Planters can Create Structure

Planters come in all shapes and sizes and can really make a statement and add to your overall garden design.

Growing Vegetables in Planters

What if you don't have enough room for a raised bed or an area with less than full sun, the solution may be easier than you thought. While most of us are used to growing herbs in pots, many vegetables can also do well in smaller planters such as peppers, lettuces, tomatoes, and zucchini. The advantage to growing in planters is you can place them where they will receive the most sun light.

Is Spanish Cedar Really Cedar?

Spanish Cedar Wood Grain

Despite its name, Spanish Cedar is not Spanish nor Cedar but a hardwood. Spanish Cedar comes from the Meliaceae family, and is similar to Genuine Mahogany in its beautiful coloration, attractive grain pattern, and great workability. The grain of Spanish Cedar is usually quite straight and works well with both hand and power tools.

Known for its distinctively strong cedar smell Spanish Cedar is also known as Cigar-box Cedar, the wood’s natural aroma repels insects, and the high resin count makes it very weather and rot resistant. Due to its low density, the lumber is quite lightweight, which makes this wood highly sought after as a high quality exterior grade species.

Product Information

Technical Details

Item Weight14 pounds
Product Dimensions0 x 0 x 0 inches
MaterialSpanish Cedar
Number of Pieces1

Additional Information

Shipping Weight15.5 pounds
Planters Garden Picture